Treaty for Developers

Developers are the reason we built Treaty. If you've ever wanted to add document collaboration to your application, you probably figured out pretty quickly that you had about three options:

  1. Settle for "collaboration" that involves serial downloading and uploading of files, to be edited on the user's local machine.
  2. Integrate with Google Drive, sending your customers away from your application to do their work.
  3. Build real-time collaboration yourself.

None of those options are particularly enticing, so we built Treaty to give you a fourth option: real-time document collaboration integrated seamlessly within your application, with minimal development overhead.

The Treaty API makes it easy for you to integrate Treaty into existing or new applications. In the cloud version, just paste in a few lines of Javascript and you're ready to go. Customize the look and feel and several other editor options via the API, and leave the real-time collaboration coordination to us.

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